Football is Something Special

September 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

There’s something so comforting about football.

I always hated when my dad wanted to watch football on the weekends as a kid.  As a Browns fan living in the Detroit area (he was transferred to Michigan when I was 3), usually my dad was relegated to his bedroom, using a fancy pair of rabbit ears to try and pull in the Browns game off of a Toledo station.  But when it was a nationally televised game, the living room TV was all his.  We had to either sit quietly and watch or go find something else to do.  Being a girl, football was for boys and therefore I wanted no part of it.  My sister (eventually sisterS) and I would usually end up outside or being forced to clean our rooms because there wasn’t any way we were going to sit there quietly.

And using the TV on Saturdays?  Forget it.  Ohio State was on!  It didn’t matter that we wanted to go to the park or play a game.  If OSU was playing, my dad was inside and my mom was always busy doing laundry or watching my youngest sister or cooking dinner.

But somehow, I still have warm memories of rainy fall days being spent inside reading on the couch while dad watched his games or playing outside in the backyard and getting excited when he came outside after the game.  And since the Browns actually won a few back in the day, he was normally in a good mood.  😛  The noise of the crowd in the background, the announcers who always sound the same, the refs calling out the penalties, the unmistakable sound of pads on pads during an especially hard tackle…  And of course, my dad’s yelling at the TV when they fumbled or threw an interception and his loud clap and “ALL RIGHT!” chuckle he always did when they made a good play.  The back door was usually open too, allowing the crisp breeze to come into the house, taking out the stale air conditioned air and leaving the fresh scent of a new season.

In college, I discovered my own love for football.  I was homesick and in Columbus, so there wasn’t anything to do on Saturdays other than watch the game.  Plus if I was watching the game, I’d have an excuse to call/text my dad and talk about something not too personal, as always was (and still is) our way.

When I met my ex-husband, I started getting into pro football.  He ran a fantasy league with his friends so Sundays were spent watching whichever teams he had the most players on.  And again, I was hooked.  I joined his fantasy league and have been teaching myself football stats and the intricacies of each team against each team since.  While we’re no longer together, we’re still friends and I’m looking forward to his draft this Tuesday.  I’ve already done my boyfriend’s draft and while I’m not thrilled with my team, I’ll figure out the kinks after the first week or so.  Doesn’t help that the scoring systems are COMPLETELY different…

But anyways.  I digress.

It doesn’t matter what football game I turn on.  Of course, I prefer the Browns and OSU, but the games are comforting.  They remind me of the good ol’ days.  Football is one thing my dad and I can bond over, and since I am my father’s child and have taught myself to be rather emotionless and impersonal, especially with him as that’s how I perceived him to be (this is not a bad thing – I know he loved/loves me, but it’s not something that is expressed), football is one thing we can share together without having to share too much.


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